In a previous post, I wrote about the running trail that parallels parts of the Washington College Campus, and goes all the way to Wilmer Park. I briefly mentioned the short offshoot from the main trail, so I thought I would explain where that goes so you have more options!

I began this run at the entrance to Washington College, and you can either run up Washington Avenue towards Acme and turn left at the light, or run through campus to the beginning of the running trail. Once on the trail, you run to just a little bit past the intersection with High Street, and make a right instead of continuing left on the trail. It is an obvious fork in the trail, so you won’t miss it. Continue on the trail until you reach the end, and you will pop out by Cafe Sado, and the High Street traffic circle. Carefully make your way around the circle to get to Morgnec Road (291), where you will run briefly before cutting into the Colonial Manor apartment complex and taking the short trail back to campus. (To find this trail, turn left as soon as you enter the parking lot, and then head towards the back of the complex. The trail will come up on your left.) This run is about 2.5 miles.

This run is great because it mainly keeps you off of main roads, which means you can run without worrying about cars and crossing streets. It is also pretty well shaded, so it is perfect for a warmer day. Because the running trail is not a loop, you also have the option of running to the end near Wilmer Park, and running back to campus taking the offshoot. This would be a way to make your run longer, and it is not as boring as running out and back!

I hope you enjoy doing this run!

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.14.50 PM.png

Route for this run

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 7.29.19 PM.png

Entrance to Colonial Manor Apartments

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