Back to the Basics

This week, I am not going to share a specific run, but rather some advice for the last few runs that you do before race day. Next week, I will talk more in depth about the run right before race day, but I want to give an overview now as we are heading into our last week of training.

Over the next week, it is important that you continue to run consistently, and possibly work on some last minute technical details. You will be mostly prepared at this point, so it is important to continue running, but also get back to the basics. This is the time to maybe run a few hills to work on your form for race day. You may decide that you want to run 3.1 miles as a practice run. You may want to go somewhere and run some quick sprints to prepare yourself for a fast finish. Maybe all you need is a relaxing run past some of the sights of Chestertown. Throughout the past couple of months, I have given you some runs you can do to work on all of these things, so look back and choose the one that is right for you!

By this point, you are prepared for your race. Try to relax and work on some weaker points for yourself, because working on these can only help you for race day. I hope you are getting excited for race day!

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