Dealing with Injuries

I absolutely hate being injured.  The worst part of being injured is you actually want to exercise, but you physically are unable to.  There are many injuries associated with running such as sprained ankles, tendinitis, and shin splints.  Dealing with these injuries can be tough, as I have found out over the past couple of weeks.

Usually icing the injured area is a good idea.  There are certain stretches for each injury to help heal the injured muscle, tendon, etc. better.  Calf stretches and shin resistance exercises can help heal shin splints faster and just simple range-of-motion exercises can help strengthen your injured area.

Coming back from an injury can be slow, but easing back into running instead of trying to get right back into it is the best thing to do.  You should start out with a slow, 5-10 minute run after you think you’re ready to run again.  Stopping if you feel your injury again is important, because you don’t want to end up re-injuring yourself.  You can then increase the duration and speed of your runs after successful runs with no pain.  Run well, be healthy, and find the fortune in fitness.


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