Eating Lifestyle: Don’t Go on a Diet; Just Change How You Eat

Going on a diet implies that you are trying to lose weight. While this may be true, there’s no reason you need to “diet” and eat less, eat no sugar, etc. Instead, change your “eating lifestyle.” Here are a few different types of “eating lifestyles.” Hopefully, you can find one that works for you!



There are so many different types of vegetarians. The common vegetarian doesn’t eat any meat but does eat eggs and honey. A pescatarian eats the same as a common one except also eats seafood and fish. A vegan eats no animal byproducts- including eggs, dairy, and honey- as well as abstains from using animal byproducts such as leather. It can even go as far as a raw vegan- one who eats as a vegan but only eats raw produce- nuts, berries, etc. (this means no bread!). Learn more about vegetarian-type eating here.



Also called caveman or stone age eating, paleo eat basically what was available when humans were cavemen. Common foods include vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, meats, and organ meats. Paleos avoid processed food and focus on fresh food. Learn more here.

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Blood Type

A few years ago I was at the nail salon and the beautician showed me a book about eating based on your blood type. Now, it’s all the rage and much more research has been done to show that it is effective.

I am type O so I should eat meat (oops I don’t), fish, vegetables, and fruit with a concentration on getting high amounts of protein.

I am not going to list all of them because that would take a while, but find out more about yours here.

Also, if you don’t know your blood type, donate blood! They will send you a card in the mail that tells you (for free) and you will help others while you’re at it! Sometimes, you can even get paid.


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