Extension of Over the Bridge

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a route that I did over the Chester River Bridge and back. I have recently been exploring the streets over there a bit more, and would like to share with you a run that I did a few days ago. I love having the opportunity to explore the area, and I hope that I am helping to give you ideas about places to run!

I started at the light and ran down Washington Avenue to the Chester River Bridge. There are many variations of routes you can take both to and from this bridge, so if you are looking to run a little longer, feel free to wind through some back roads. After crossing the bridge, continue for a  short distance before turning left onto Fey Road. Take the first right off of Fey onto Princess Anne Drive, and follow that until you are back on Church Hill Road, and then follow it back the way you came. This run is about 4 miles from start to finish.

This run does take you along some busy roads, especially Church Hill Road. There are generally wide shoulders, but still be cautious when running. I would not recommend doing this run after dark, because it will be hard for cars to see you. As I mentioned before, there are many variations that you can take on this run to make it longer or just different, so feel free to experiment. It is generally a pretty flat and fast run as well.

Because we are getting closer to the 5K, I will try to start giving you more runs of about this length for you to incorporate into your training. I hope that your training is going well!

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