Finding Motivation

There have been times in my life where I have had to face hurdles in regard to fitness and health.  Everyone at some point in their life will most likely face these challenges in their fitness and health, and they can be big or small hurdles.  Some people have to fight major things like obesity, anorexia, and diabetes.  I have been lucky that I never had to overcome any major hurdles like those, but I have faced a lot of smaller hurdles when it comes to fitness and health.

In high school I ran cross country and wrestled.  A hurdle I faced with these sports was cutting weight for wrestling which involved strenuous exercise and dieting.  I had to make sure I wasn’t losing too much weight, but at the same time  I had to make sure I was under a certain weight.  In cross country I always had to make sure I had enough energy for races and that I was well hydrated before I ran.

Finding motivation can be very hard at times.  At times in my life I have noticed when i’m not happy I am also not motivated.  Motivation is key to getting yourself to go out and exercise.  Some ways I have learned to help motivate me into exercising are listening to music, setting goals, and having others to exercise with.  Creating a playlist of your favorite motivational songs, at least for me, gets my heart rate going and my mind set on exercising.  Setting goals can keep you focused on a path and reaching those goals feels really great.  Having someone else to exercise with though, be it a gym buddy or running partner, is to me the best motivation out there.  Having people to exercise with gives your mind an obligation to actually exercise, and having someone to keep you on schedule always helps.  Find what works best for you and motivate yourself to become a healthier individual!


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