Heathy Buying: tips on how to shop for groceries

It’s easy to go grocery shopping and buy things you think look healthy. However, brands commonly make their product seem healthy by the packaging, but in reality, it’s not always true; a lot of times, it is very processed and has lots of unnecessary ingredients.

So, here are some tips to stay away from the bad and find the good:

1. Check the ingredients. Yes, nutrition facts are important, but, they aren’t everything. Make sure you can read and understand each ingredient. Also, if you’re vegan like me or have other allergies, skip to the bottom where it shows “allergens” to find quick info, like “contains milk and eggs.”

2. Go down the health/organic isles. It’s still possible to find cheaper items here, like the store-brand or other off-brands, but since they are in this isle, they usually won’t have the added crap.

3. When buying juices and other drinks, read carefully. A lot of juices will say something like “juice cocktail” or “juice beverage,” but will still say it’s made of real juice. If you look at the ingredients, the juices that say this usually are made up of 10% or less of juice. So if you have to drink juice, make sure you find the ones that are actually made of 100% juice.

Hope this helps you shop healthy! If you have any other tips, comment them below.

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