Interval Workouts

Interval workouts are really helpful in helping you learn how to pace yourself throughout a race.  A good way to do an interval workout is to find either a straightforward running trail or one that loops around.  You can start at the beginning of the trail or wherever you choose to do your workout and set your watch up.  Its always a good idea to wear a running watch while you run to know where you’re at and help pace yourself.  Interval workouts should involve a period of all out fast-paced running followed by a rest period that is usually twice as long.  I like to usually do 6-8 intervals with 1 minute of all out running followed by a 2 minute jogging period of 2 minutes for a total of 18-24 minutes.  I believe most running watches have an interval setting on them to tell you when to go hard and when to slow down, but it should still be easy to tell when to speed up and slow down if you are using minute intervals.

Your running workouts should always be preceded by a warm up run and stretch, and followed by a cool down run.  You can increase the intervals of your workout as you become more accustomed to it.  Workouts should be done 1-2 times a week with at least 2 rest days in between.  Workouts are helpful for training for races because you need to have experience in running the fastest you can so you will be ready for your 5k if you are planning on running it the fastest you can.

Another type of interval workout is called fartlek workouts, which involve running on a path with certain points along it where you sprint and where you jog.  The intervals can be any distance, but the jogging intervals should be much longer than the sprint intervals.

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