Nourish Your Body to Flourish Your Energy: what to eat before and after a workout

Having enough energy before and during a workout will make it easier and more fun. Many factors can affect the amount of energy you have; along with getting enough sleep and being sufficiently hydrated, food is one of the most important.

So how can you maximize your energy, through food, before your workout and replenish it after? Well, here’s my advice:


  1. Between 12 and 24 hours before, “carbo-load”…eat some pasta with lots of veggies and some protein. This is great if you are doing hard training and cardio for long periods of time; its helps with endurance. The carbohydrates will be stored as a fuel source in your body and used up later during your workout. If you eat a lot of carbs and don’t work them off in time, however, they will be stored as fats, making it much harder to work them off.

  2. Eat whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana; a good snack for when you’re on-the-go. Yummy and also super healthy, this will have both sugars from the banana for an extra energy boost and complex carbs from the bread to give you a slow and steady release of energy. The peanut butter will also add some protein. I always buy peanut butter made out of 100% peanuts because I like the taste better and I avoid unhealthy/unnecessary sugars and processed ingredients. The banana will help to raise your potassium levels and keep cramps away.


  1. Immediately after your workout, drink chocolate milk (or soymilk/another milk alternative). Healthy sugars are the best way to replenish energy after a workout. They are a great way to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes creating new energy that is still burned off as your body cools down. The milk/milk alternative is a great way to replenish protein. In addition, the sugars will be turned into muscle as your body continues to burn them.

  2. Post-workout you should be eating protein and good sugars (carbs); not fats. Salmon with some (green) veggies and quinoa is a perfect thing to eat. I personally love salmon, so this is one of my favorite post-workout meals. The salmon (along with the quinoa) contains lots of essential nutrients to replace ones you lost while sweating while also providing lean protein. The veggies will help to replenish sugars and the quinoa will add those extra carbs.

That’s all for now! Leave your comments, suggestions, and questions in the comments or contact me directly (:

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