One Mile Loop

As the 5K gets closer and closer, you should start to incorporate more workouts and speedwork into your schedule, especially if you are pursuing a personal best time. This week, I thought I would share with you a one mile loop which can be used to run mile repeats (run one mile at a designated fast pace, then take a break before running another mile at the same pace) or tempo runs (a couple of consecutive miles at a steady, faster pace than you are used to). You can also use this route for pickups. It is helpful to have a loop away from the track to do these workouts on, because they simulate a road race more than the flat, round track.

This route begins as always at the light at the entrance of Washington College. Begin running down Greenwood Avenue before turning left on Pine Street. At the end of this street, turn right on Hadaway Drive, and then right at the second street, Cedar Street. The make a quick left onto Holly Court, which continues onto Rolling Road. Turn right back onto Greenwood Avenue all the way back to the light. This route is almost exactly one mile.

This route is good to use for workouts because it adds some variety and challenge into your speedwork. The last stretch of this loop is uphill, which you can use to push yourself, and formulate a strong kick. The very end of the loop flattens out at the top of the hill, which is perfect for a strong finish. There are also a few downhill sections, which are also important to practice. You can get a better sense of your abilities time- wise when running on the roads if you are planning on doing a road race, because they are more similar to what you will see on race day. You can also experiment with different paces throughout the loop to see what feels best. These are generally quiet roads, so you also don’t have to worry about too many cars!

Next week I will have a longer run mapped out for you, which you may also want to incorporate into your training at this point. Enjoy your runs this week!

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