Preparing for a Run

I have spoken a lot about the desired mental state while running or competing, but there are a couple of things that you can try before you begin your run to help you have a more successful experience. Having a positive attitude before starting your run is just as important as keeping the positivity throughout your run. After many races and runs, I have learned the best ways to prepare for different kinds of runs, both competitive and casual.

Before a race, it is important to be positive and try to channel nervous energy into preparation and then into speed and endurance during your race. This is a difficult thing to do, and it definitely takes practice. It is important that you believe in yourself and trust your training to help you achieve whatever goal you set out to accomplish. Nervous energy can harm a performance if it gets out of hand. Before races in high school, I used to get extremely nervous, and when I got to the line for a race, I was already worn out from all of this nervous energy. I found that it was important to focus on a routine before the race, and focus on ways to prepare for my best race possible. I acknowledged that things could go wrong, but that there were ways for me to avoid certain things happening. For example, I knew that I had to thoroughly warm up and stretch, so I would focus on doing this, knowing that it would help me go faster and avoid injuries. Having a pre-race routine that keeps you focused and relatively busy or at least occupied can help you perform better in the race.  

You can also be practicing these strategies before training runs, so that they are easier on race day, when they are most important. If you have a pre-race routine, do it before some or all of your runs, because it will help you when you put it into practice on the big day. Before your everyday run, you can do a quick mental check in to see what you need to work on, and how you can expect to feel on race day. If you are keeping track of this stuff, it will be easier to replicate or to change it.

The moments before a run and your preparation for a run are just as important as the run itself. If you are positive and prepared going into a run, your outcome will be much better, and your goals will be much easier to achieve!

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