Race Day Goals

As race day approaches, it is important to set some new goals, or at least make some last minute adjustments to the goals you already have. Maybe your training has been going exceptionally well and you think you can run faster. Maybe life got in the way and you weren’t able to train as hard as you wanted to. You want to amend your goals to reflect that. There are three types of goals that you should be looking at for race day, and of course you are free to combine or amend your goals as you please.

The first type of goal is a great goal for beginners. This goal is simply to finish the race. There are different variations on this goal, but if it is your first 5K ever, you may want to keep it simple. You can either set a goal to finish the race, period, or you may set a goal to finish the race without stopping, or only stopping once, or whatever you desire. If this is your goal, you will not have to focus as much on pacing, and you can focus more on keeping yourself thinking positive and moving forward. You can then get some experience under your belt, and maybe set a new goal for your next 5K!

The second type of goal is a time goal. You may want to finish in a certain time, possibly to set a personal record in the distance. If you are aiming for this type of goal, hopefully you have been doing some speed workouts, and if not, there is still some time. It is important to be able to understand and feel the pace that will get you to your goal. You can set this goal as a beginner, based on your training runs and what you think you are capable of, or as an experienced runner, based on past 5Ks. This goal may require more focus on pacing throughout the race, but if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it!

The third type of goal is to have fun. This goal should of course be combined with the goal that you already have, but it can also be a goal all by itself. It is harder than you may think to simply enjoy yourself during a 5K. You may be focused on achieving a certain time, and the nerves and focus may prevent you from completely enjoying the run while it is happening. You may be a beginner, and nervous for running your first 5K, which may make it difficult for you to enjoy yourself. But if you can think positively and try to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of race day, you may have more luck achieving your other goals!

With these goals in mind, you should be ready to take on race day, which is in a couple of weeks. Start thinking of specific and attainable goals, and don’t be afraid to push yourself a little. With your training, both physical and mental, you will be ready to do great things when you step up to the starting line!

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