Relax and Unwind: how to make the most of your time-off

With Spring Break approaching for us WAC students, it is important to rest your mind and body. Here are some ways I plan to relax over break!


1. Watch Netflix. This is self-explanatory, but some shows I LOVE are Shameless and Black Mirror.


2. Read a good book. With a whole week off, you may even be able to get a few in. Read something that you don’t always read. Take a break from those textbooks and read something you love.


3. Go hiking. While this may not relax your legs that much, the fresh air and nature will definitely relax you and clear your mind. I like hiking in the Great Falls area around Northern Virginia!

A photo of Great Falls I took a few months ago.


4. Take a bath. I personally do not like baths, they just kind of gross me out, but I have heard they are relaxing. Lighting an essential oil candle or using calming bath soap would also help to unwind!


5. Meditate. I know it can be hard, but really try to do it. Being able to focus your mind will help you to release tension. Click here for meditation instructions.


Let us know how you relax and comment below!! (:

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