Road to a 5k: Running Up and Down Hills

There is a good chance that the 5k you are running will contain hills and/or heightened elevations at some point during the race.  Running up and down hills can be much harder than running on a flat surface.  You need to use more energy while running up hills, and more coordination running down them.  The best way to go about running up hills is to let your arms do some of the work.  Making sure you pump your arms back and forth will take some of the work off of your legs and will conserve more of your energy.

You may think that running downhill takes a lot less energy than running uphill.  Running downhill still takes up a lot of energy and you need to make sure you keep your coordination and not put too much pressure on your legs.  Controlling your breathing is also something you should focus on when running up and down hills.  You will be using more energy running uphill, so your breathing will become much heavier.  I try to use the downhills in a race to regain control of my breathing after exerting a lot of energy earlier.

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