Run with a View

The latest run that the Running Club did was a short loop through some side streets here in Chestertown. We did this run on Monday which was a beautiful day for a run, so we wanted to be sure to enjoy the weather. Some beautiful views along the run were an added plus!

As always, we started at the light at the entrance to Washington College. We headed down Washington Avenue (which turns into Maple Avenue)  towards the bridge, but turned left onto North Water Street immediately before the bridge. At the end of this street is where you get a beautiful panoramic view of the Chester River, as shown in my pictures below. After briefly enjoying this view, we turned onto Riverside Terrace, and then made a right onto Queen Street. We chose to continue straight to the end of Byford Court, which is a dead end, but if you do not wish to do this, you can turn onto Horsey Lane right away, and then make a quick right onto Philosophers Terrace. At the end of this road, we turned left to head back to Washington Avenue, where we finished the run where we began it. With no “add-ons,” this run is about 1.8 miles. You can choose to run to the end of Byford Court to add some extra mileage, or run to the dog park which is very close to this route. You may also choose to do this loop twice or more! This is another great route because of all the variations that you can take to change it up.

There are a couple places that you must be cautious on this route. If you begin running on the right side of Washington Avenue, where there is a sidewalk, you will eventually have to cross in order to turn onto North Water Street. In order to stay on the sidewalk the entire time, the best place to cross over may be at the light at the intersection of Maple Avenue and North Cross Street. The closer you get to the bridge, the harder it will be to cross. In addition, some of the side streets on this route do not have sidewalks, which means that you have to be extra careful. Remember to run on the left side of the road if there is no sidewalk, so that you are able to see oncoming traffic and react appropriately. If you are running toward oncoming traffic, you can move if a car doesn’t look like it is going to. If you are running at night, be extra cautious along this route, because it may be hard for a driver to see you on some of these roads.

I hope you enjoy this run, and don’t forget to stop for a quick minute to enjoy the views!


End of North Water Street



Horsey Lane

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