To join Spartan Club please fill out this survey and you will be contacted with your Spartan Club ID number.

For more information on why the survey is important please read So you’re interested in joining Spartan Club?

So you're interested in joining Spartan Club?

Welcome! I’m Shannon and I am the project lead for the healthy living division of WAC Enactus. Through Spartan Club we want to provide access to free exercise programs and build a community motivated to live healthier lives. To become a member you just have to fill out a basic health survey. This is just to keep track of our programs and how effective we are in order to help improve our programs for the future. Information is completely confidential. You will be given a member number which will be used to sign into events and to complete an end of the semester survey. If you use your member number, no problem. There will be a master list of all members and member numbers associated with them which will be kept under lock and key and only the project leader will have this list. Good luck in your pursuit of all your fitness goals! Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions. My contact information can be found on my page (click here).

Welcome! Updates and Events for the semester

Welcome Spartan Club Members! We have an exciting set of events lined up for this semester. We will be hosting more swim lessons (both children and adult!) coming in March. Spartan Club is doing a collaboration event with the Washington College chapter of Best Buddies on March 30. And we are looking to do events with the churches of Chestertown including community sports days, Find your fitness- a day where we will set up a bunch of stations with an array of different types of exercises and you get to find the type of exercise that is right for you!, a few new blogs that will give you peaks into the lives of people working to live healthier lives through eating right and exercising despite challenges they might face and a blog dedicated to tips on how to prepare for a 5k and to sum up the semester we’ll have a 5k to show off all the progress you’ve made! We are also unveiling a new program, a punch card system. You will receive a punch card and for every Spartan Club event or class you attend you will get one punch, once you get to 10 you’ll receive an awesome t-shirt. This is still a work in progress so please let us know of any feedback you have. More incentives to come! Please check the post below to find out more about how to join and get the benefits Spartan Club can offer you.

Train Thru The Pain Blog Center

The center for all blogs Haley, Elizabeth, and Nick along with their collaboration blogs, Wednesday’s Well-Being and The Road to a 5k: a Collab.

Calendar of Events

This page hosts our updated calendar of events and other opportunities to get involved.