Squeezing in a Run

The hardest time to squeeze in a run is on a vacation, or sometimes even a busy weekend. It is easy to get caught up in the vacation spirit, and justify taking a break to enjoy your vacation. I am guilty of this as well. However, there are many reasons that fitting a run in on a vacation or a busy weekend is beneficial.

On a vacation, going for a run is a great way to explore a new place. It is a fun way to find the parts of a city or town that you may not normally see if you are touring an area. It also helps you to get acquainted both with the area in general and the local people and sights. Running in a new place is also a challenge within itself. There may be new terrain that you are not used to, which can be good because it can prepare you for different situations on race day. I have found that running on the beach is a challenge, but that it does make me stronger (Tip: if you are running on the beach wait for low tide so the sand is flatter and a little more solid). You will find that you feel more at home and know more about your vacation location if you take some time to explore it on a run!

You may also find that it is difficult to fit it into your schedule on a vacation, but if you schedule a time to run, you will have no problem fitting it in. You can run early in the morning or late at night; you can take a little break from sun bathing on the beach to go for a quick jog; or you can run in between activities or outings. You may have to amend your training plan slightly, but you can usually make time to get in a run! There are also some days where cross training can be utilized, if you plan on going for a bike ride, or if you plan on swimming for a while. It may be difficult to fit in, and you may not want to, but it will be much easier to continue your training at home if you are running over your vacation! And maybe you will find a hidden gem on one of your runs!


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