Tackling Treadmill Tedium

The treadmill is the worst enemy of some runners, but it can actually be a great tool to use when conditions outside make it impossible to go for your usual run. When the only option is the treadmill, many runners dread their run for the day rather than looking forward to it. The treadmill can be a rewarding training experience, and there are a few tricks I would like to share to help you get the most out of your treadmill run.

First of all, remember that you will (most likely) be running in a temperature controlled room. You may have to bundle up to get to the gym, but don’t wear too many layers while running. The treadmill can be a great place to work on consistency. Because you can set the pace, you can work on running consistent times for a certain distance. You can also use the many different settings on a treadmill to your advantage. You can work with hills, intervals and much more. This can help you to get in a consistent workout inside that will help you be more consistent on your outdoor runs. It is also a good place to focus on your form. Because you are in a controlled environment with a controlled speed, you can spend more time and energy on your form, which is very important when training for a race.

The thing I struggle with most on a treadmill is the boredom. When I’m outside, I can enjoy the scenery and all the stuff that is going on around me. When I’m on a treadmill, there is nothing to look at, and the scenery never changes. I would recommend bringing something to listen to while on the treadmill. I never listen to music running outside, but listening to music helps a lot on the treadmill. I also sometimes¬†listen to a podcast which keep me intrigued and keeps my focus off of watching the seconds pass.

You may not enjoy the treadmill as much as running outside (I know I don’t), but there are ways you can use a run on the treadmill to your advantage in your training. And hopefully, you will be able to return to outside running soon!

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