Shannon FalconeSpartan Club Project Lead

Shannon Falcone

Shannon is a junior at Washington College majoring in Psychology with double concentrations in Clinical/Counseling and Behavioral Neuroscience and a double major in Business. She has been a member of Enactus for 3 years, working on Spartan Club and becoming Spartan Club project lead her sophomore year.

Shannon’s passion is psychology, specifically researching biological and neurological indicators of suicidality as well as alexithymia in psychopathy and autism spectrum disorder. She is currently interning at Worton Elementary School in the special education classroom with nonverbal children on the autism spectrum.  She will be attending the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in March as first author for group research done last spring. This research focused on apologies and non-apologies and the affect that liking the apologizer has on a person’s likelihood to accept the apology and their likelihood to place blame on the apologizer.

After joining Enactus the fall semester of her freshman year, Shannon worked on Sprout to Action/Project Garden boxes. She then became project lead of that project the fall semester of her sophomore year and, with her co-project lead, revamped the project into what is now Spartan Club.