The Benefits of Running

It can be very challenging (especially at 7 am in the morning) to get out of bed and go for a run outside.  I for one am not a morning person so morning runs are usually rare for me.  But even getting yourself to run on a schedule for at least 3 days a week is something that the majority of people are too lazy to do.  The most challenging part of getting into a routine is the beginning, but once a running routine has become normal for you, it’s not very hard to stick with it.  I’m starting to realize as a college student that the more involved I get, the harder it gets to manage time and keep my routines going.

I find that when I have other people to run with, I am much more motivated to actually go out and run.  Running alone can be pretty boring sometimes, although every once in a while it’s nice to go for a run on my own to help destress from the turmoil of college homework and studying.  There is something about running with others though, especially with a smaller group of people that makes running so much more fun.  My conversations with friends on our runs can range anywhere from small talk about the weather to how our lives at college are going for us.

Running for me has been a benefit to both my physical, as well as my mental health.  Running can not only keep me in good, healthy shape, but can help me to stay motivated and relax from mental stress that may be occurring in my life.  If I ever get upset about something I can just go for a run and it seems like all the things I’ve been worrying about just disappear as my mind drifts off and I feel the wind behind my back.  Seriously what’s not to love about running besides stomach cramps, shin splints, and dry heaving when you ate too much before your run?  Honestly, unless you’re severely sick or injured I think it would be in anyone’s best interest to take up running as a hobby.  Do yourself a favor and find the fortune that comes from fitness.  -Nick

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