The Best Kinds of Runs

Last post, I told you about my two worst runs, and the lessons that I learned from these runs. For every bad run though, I have had many good runs, and even a few fantastic ones. These are the runs that make everything worth it. They are also the runs that I remember the most. I had to think a lot about my least favorite runs, but I have many favorite runs that I could include in this post. Although you may learn a lot from the bad runs, the good runs are much more fun, and they are the reason that we all put up with the bad ones once in a while- we know that there is usually a great run right around the corner.

The first one that I would like to share is the longest run I have ever been on, which also happens to be one of my favorite runs. At the beginning of each cross country season in high school, we would go for one long run. We did this specific run on a Saturday morning, and this day, the weather the beautiful. I was a little intimidated by the distance, and was admittedly nervous going into the run. However, we started running, and all of my fears quickly dissipated. I felt good, and I was excited to set a new personal best. I’m sure it was painful in the moment, but all I can remember now is the sense of accomplishment I felt when I finished the run. I even remember that towards the very end I got a burst of energy that carried me to the end of the run. I was so excited that I didn’t even feel the pain anymore.

Another of my favorite runs would have to be when I got to Chestertown when I started school this past fall. Running has always been a way for me to destress, but I hadn’t been running much a few weeks into the semester. I didn’t know many places to run around here, and I was a little out of shape. One day, I decided to just explore the town while running. I didn’t have a route in mind, but instead just went down different streets, and discovered different corners of this town that I would never have known about if I didn’t go for this run. On this run, I first discovered the dog park, which is now one of my favorite places to run. I also was able to run down to the water, which had beautiful views. I finished the run with a new sense of dedication and some more options for running routes. I felt happy and relaxed, and Chestertown was finally starting to feel like home.

These kinds of runs are the reason that I run, and it is important to remember your best runs on days when you are feeling defeated, or if you haven’t had a good run in a long time. With practice, you will start to have more and more good runs, and they will make running worthwhile. The sense of accomplishment that I mentioned is a wonderful feeling, because I felt as though all of my hard work had paid off. Exploration is also a great aspect of running, because you can find the hidden gems of a town. If you have been having a streak of bad runs, remember your best runs, and know that a good run isn’t too far away.

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