Wednesday Well-Being #1

Hi everyone! This is a different type of blog where either Haley, Elizabeth, or I, Nick, check in once a week to talk about our own personal health and well-being.  This is currently the second week of spring semester for me here at Washington College, and I’m finally starting to settle in to my daily routines.  One problem I’ve recently encountered is not being able to run for the past couple days due to a knee injury.  My knee does seem to be getting better every day though, and I should hopefully be able to run again tomorrow.  On my short leave of absence from the running life I have noticed that it’s been hard to find an escape from my daily struggles.  Running allows me to take a break from my every-day college routine, and relax my mind while exercising my body.  Another hurdle I’ve recently faced when it comes to running is the weather.  Winter has got to be easily the worst season for running.  On the days when it is unbearably cold and windy, I tend to go for runs inside on an indoor track, or exercise in the gym.  Since the weather in Maryland is usually very sporadic, some days I’ll be running inside while others I’ll run outside.

Eating healthy, or just making sure to eat enough, may not seem as hard as it actually is.  At college, it is pretty easy to end up skipping meals when you’re busy, or just lazy.  Every day I’m running out of more and more snack food in my dorm room, and most days I’m too lazy to get up early enough to have a decent breakfast.  My breakfasts usually consist of a granola bar or breakfast bar on the way to class, but I still try to make sure I eat a variety of foods every day.  It is a daily struggle to make sure I’m getting enough food and energy in my system, especially after running or exercising a lot in one day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to run again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll eat a real breakfast one of these days.


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