Wednesday Well- Being with Elizabeth

Hi everyone! These past couple weeks have been crazy, but I have been able to find time to destress by running. I have definitely been feeling better on my runs, so I think I am starting to get into better shape. It helps that the weather has been beautiful, because it has not been hard to convince myself to go for a run! This weather is my favorite to run in, because I can wear shorts, but it isn’t too hot yet. I am trying to take advantage of it while it lasts. Because I am feeling better on my runs, I am starting to run a little bit farther a couple of times a week, because I want to start working up to longer distances. It has been a little tough, but I am proud of my hard work.

Last week, I started taking morning yoga classes, which is a cool experience for me. I am definitely not the best at yoga, because I am pretty inflexible, but it definitely helps me stretch out my tight muscles. I was pretty sore after the classes, but hopefully that means I am getting stronger. I think that if I stick with it, it will help my running.

Spring Break begins next Friday, and I have to make sure that I continue to run over the break. A lot of times, when I am out of my routine, like on school breaks, I skip runs more than I should, just because there is so much going on. Now that I feel like I am finally getting into better shape, I think it is more important to continue running so that I do not lose all the progress that I have made.
I hope that all of you are doing well, and that you are seeing progress in your running. It always feels great to notice the improvements you are making, because you realize how much stronger you are getting! I am looking forward to the 5K at the end of April- it is almost two months away, but I have a feeling it will come quickly! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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