Wednesday Well- Being with Elizabeth

I just returned from a lovely evening run down to Wilmer Park. It was the perfect temperature for a casual run, and the sun was just beginning to set, so the sky was beautiful as well. I was a little sore at the beginning of the week, and today was the first run in a couple of days that I was not feeling sore. It was a great feeling to run without my legs feeling like they had weights attached to them! I wasn’t too worried about time or pace, so I was really able to just enjoy being outside. This run was a great end to a beautiful day spent outside. I am really enjoying this nice weather, and it certainly makes it easier to get myself out the door. I am also realizing that I need to stay more on top of my hydration, because I have noticed that I am not yet used to the warmer weather.

The next couple of days look like they are going to be a little rainy, so I will have to plan my run around that. I do like running in the rain, so maybe I will do that, or else find time to run on the treadmill or around the indoor track. I am looking forward to building up my training so that I  am able to run longer distances, because on nights like tonight, I would love to go for a longer run and just enjoy the beautiful weather. I have also been trying to explore the area more so that I do not have to do the same runs over and over again. There are certain routes that I turn to on certain days because I know what to expect on them, but other days, I just want to switch it up a little. I am looking forward to my sister visiting on Friday so that I can show her some of my favorite running routes in Chestertown.

I have had a lot of work lately, but I have been able to fit in my runs to both relieve stress and just enjoy time outside. I love that it stays light out later now so that I have the opportunity to run a little bit later, after I have finished class. I hope you are enjoying this spring weather as much as I am, and I hope you are having lovely runs as well!

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