Wednesday Well- Being with Elizabeth

This past week has been pretty crazy, but I have enjoyed my runs in the beautiful weather. This is my favorite type of running weather, so it was great to be able to take a break from my work and enjoy the sun and fresh air. I have been running with the Running Club, and we have started to go for longer runs, which means that my legs have been a bit more tired, but I am happy with my progress.

I have started incorporating additional exercises into my running routine, to hopefully strengthen my legs and core, which will then help my running. On Monday, we did a “lap of lunges” around the indoor 200 meter track, which made me very sore, and I am still sore today! It made it a little harder to go for a run the past couple of days, but I found that my legs felt better after running. An easy jog was all that I needed to loosen my muscles. I have also been doing more core workouts which will hopefully help me as well.

The weather is also very helpful in encouraging me to go for a run. It is hard to find an excuse not to run when it is nearly 70 degrees and sunny! Although I have had a couple of very busy days, I made sure to put aside a little time for a quick run. I found that it helped to keep my stress under control, which was very helpful considering that I had a lot of work. It is also nice that it is finally starting to stay light outside later, because there is more time in the day to fit in my run. I prefer to run in the afternoon or evening, so the light early in the morning doesn’t help me much.

I think that I am starting to get back into my routine of running, which I had lost over winter break. I have been running almost every day, and I have started to notice that I am feeling better on my runs, which makes me want to run even farther. I am happy that I have found time to fit in my runs even on my busiest days, and I hope that means that I am able to run consistently all semester! I hope that you have all been able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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