Wilmer Park

One of my favorite places to run in Chestertown is Wilmer Park. It is only about a quarter of a mile around the path, but you get a beautiful view of the water from this park. Incorporating it into my runs gives me something to look forward to, and as I am running through the park, I am distracted by the view. I ran through the park today after running down the running trail, and it was a great addition to my run.

Today, I started at the light at the entrance of the school as usual, and ran to the start of the running trail. I followed the running trail all the way to the bottom, and then continued straight on South Cross Street for a few hundred feet before I arrived at the park. I did one loop around Wilmer Park, then exited onto South Water Street, turned left on High Street and made my way up Washington Avenue back to campus. This route is good because as I have mentioned before, it keeps you off of the road for a while so you do not have to worry about cars. It is also a run that incorporates the running trail but is not an out and back. As you run up High Street, be sure to watch your step, because the sidewalk is a little uneven at some points. High Street is also pretty busy with walkers sometimes, so be considerate running through town! This run is about 3.3 miles.

This is a perfect run for me because it starts and ends at the college, which is most convenient for me. However, running out of Wilmer Park also has lots of options. There is a parking lot there, so you could drive to the park and go from there! You could choose to run in some of the streets on the other side of the bridge, or go left on South Cross Street for a while. There is lots of space to stretch and warm up at Wilmer Park, so it is also a great place to start a workout or cool down after a run. The views are just an added benefit!

Now that it is getting warmer out, running outside is much more pleasant, and it is the perfect time to try new routes and explore new places. Sometimes exploring a new place helps the run go by faster! Don’t be afraid to go down different roads or veer off course, even if you have a route pre- planned. This is sometimes how you discover the best runs!

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.06.39 PM

Route through Wilmer Park


The path in Wilmer Park

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